We couldn’t claim the mantle of being a freelance copywriter if we couldn’t talk the talk. But, can we walk the walk?

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Hearing Hub

A large copywriting project, Hearing Hub required an entire full-site rewrite. Working in collaboration with Multiverse and Trouble Free Computing Solutions, we balanced technical specs with caring language to share Hearing Hub’s offerings with a diverse audience.

Hearing Hub - Freelance copywriter project

Mabel and Woods

It was a real joy working with Naked Digital Marketer to inject new energy into this Melbourne fashion boutique.  Adding extra copy to each category page allowed them to target extra keywords while drawing in readers with more descriptive language.


The Communication Clinic

Working alongside Newcastle Creative Co, we revamped this speech pathology website to help local families understand the vital early intervention services on offer.  With lots to communicate, structuring the copy was, by far, the biggest challenge.


KML Bookkeeping

This project saw us creating dedicated service pages as part of a whole-site revamp. Partnering with Brothers Digital, we undertook keyword research to leverage the power of SEO to increase visibility and better communicate their many services.

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