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Well, who only wants one scoop of content marketing goodness when you can get more? Founded by a husband and wife team, the name was a natural fit to reflect the double scoop of experience and expertise you get working with us.

Fast forward several years, and while still happily married (phew!), Kirsty Russell is now head word wrangler, while her husband is busy on his own projects (he can still be counted on for advice, support and *mostly* constructive feedback).

With almost 30 years of corporate, online, promotional and marketing writing behind her, you still get a double helping of content marketing goodness when you work with Kirsty (even if she still thinks the 90s were only a decade ago!) 


Building a genuine relationship is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we prioritise the following when you work with us.


We work hard to get to know you and earn your trust. Without trust, it’s impossible to achieve the results you deserve.


To understand your business we often need access to sensitive data. We treat all confidential information seriously.  



We keep you updated on our progress to ensure you feel comfortable with our processes and your shiny new copy.


Kirsty Russell

Kirsty Russell

Copywriter & Content Marketing Consultant

Kirsty is an experienced copywriter and content marketing consultant who worked in the Australian Public Service for over 19 years in a range of management and communication roles. She’s also blogged online for over a decade and has built a following of over 10K on her parenting page (check it out here). With a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and business writing, copywriting, social media and marketing courses in her back pocket, Kirsty is a lifelong learner who loves tennis, is coming around to coffee and is pretty easy going about everything else (except politics and Eurovision – don’t get her started on those!) Feel free to ask her about her two pugs though, who act as Chief Wellbeing Officer and Chief Motivation Officer respectively here at Double Scoop!


While we love writing and creating content, that’s not true for everyone. With the pressure on to constantly come up with something new, copywriting can quickly become a chore. That’s a one way road to bland and boring.

Creating content shouldn’t be something you dread. We created Double Scoop to make life easier for business owners and digital agencies. We are experienced, flexible, easy to work with and committed to your success.

Most importantly, our content marketing, website copywriting and social media messaging is never bland or boring 🙂


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