When it comes to successful copywriting, there are definitely a few factors that come into play.

Compelling writing is one of them. An awesome headline will draw readers in while persuasive writing will get them closer to the entry of your sales funnel.

Selling the clear benefits of your product or service is another. Having the ability to demonstrate just how awesome your product and service is will do wonders for conversions.

A fabulous offer is also key to successful copywriting. Enticing customers with a discount, two for one deal or future benefits to purchase can be the difference between a sale and a wasted opportunity.

And the power of testimonials cannot be underestimated. The trust factor is definitely higher when there is demonstrated proof of your claims in relation to a product or a service.

However while all these factors are important, there is one other that trumps them all when it comes to successful copywriting.


When you think about it, you can have the most beautifully written copy in the world. You can have the most amazing benefits. You can have a highly effective offer. And you can have countless testimonials from trusted names in your field.

But if you don’t know who your target audience is, or what they fear and/or desire, none of that will matter.

Because you will not be solving THEIR problem.

Knowing your target market/audience is the ONLY copywriting rule that truly matters.

There are many reasons why you need to intimately know your target market. Here are just 7 for you to consider:

  1. You will better understand their fears and be able to overcome potential blockers to purchase.
  2. You can anticipate their questions and answer them, then and there, in your copy.
  3. You can speak to their deepest desires and reinforce these in your wording.
  4. You can tailor your offer so that it’s irresistible to your target market.
  5. You can understand their problem and demonstrate how your product/service solves it.
  6. You can adopt a conversational style, writing directly to them, in language they use and understand.
  7. You can feature testimonials from clients who best represent your audience, exponentially increasing your “trust” factor.

So it really does make sense to know and understand your target market.


Not only will it allow you to adapt your copy to address your audience’s needs in the tone and language that will speak to them best. It will also get you a step closer to closing in on that sale if you can remove their blockers to purchase and boost your trust factor with them.

Now there are many ways you can proactively understand and get to know your market. Some of the more obvious ways are through client surveys, reviews, social media interaction and old-fashioned research.

I will expand on this concept in more detail in a future post.

However, right now, ask yourself one question – do you REALLY know your target market?

If you cannot identify their fears, desires, blockers and dreams then your copy will never achieve the heights you seek.

Because you will not be able to write to them and to their needs. And, you will be breaking the only copywriting rule that really matters.

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