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Struggling to find your ideal clients?

Have no idea how to sell your brand, product or services?


Not everyone has the time, expertise or energy to create the perfect message, especially if you’re an on-the-go business owner. However, it’s no secret that the benefits of effective business communication are endless.

In today’s competitive marketplace, your first impression as a business often comes via your website. Today, more than ever, you only have one shot at attracting potential clients – make it count!

The really good news, though, is there’s help at hand. With nearly 20 years of corporate writing expertise, plus over 10 years’ combined experience in online writing and blogging, the team at Double Scoop can assist with all your writing needs.

Double Scoop specialises in all forms of copywriting, including SEO copywriting, which means that you can immediately improve the chances of being found by your ideal client, quickly and easily.

In addition, Double Scoop can take on specific writing projects for you or edit and improve your own copy. Not only that, but Double Scoop can even provide consulting and coaching services to develop and improve the skills of your staff.


Double Scoop’s comprehensive suite of writing services include:

  • report writing & white papers
  • policy & procedure writing and development
  • funding & grant applications
  • government tender responses
  • general copywriting (website, brochures, press releases, newsletters, etc)
  • SEO copywriting
  • blog posts
  • general research & associated recommendations
  • business communications coaching & mentoring


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Kirsty Russell